MEET AIDO – Interactive Personal Home Robot


AIDO ROBOT – What Can he Due ?

1.THE PERFECT COMPANION – Aido can play with your kids, help you with household chores, handle your schedule and keep your home safe.

2.INTERACTIVE HELP – Aido comes with an interactive projector that can visually aid you through your tasks like cooking, yoga and much more!

3.NEXT GEN MOBILITY – Aido balances himself on a ball and can maneuver around complex spaces with furniture, and other minor obstacles in your house

4.ENTERTAINMENT HUB – Aido also comes with a multimedia projector that can convert any wall into a movie screen. You can play interactive games with Aido.

5.STORY TELLER – Aido has a storyteller module that can read and perform stories from around the world.

6.PERSONAL ASSISTANT – Aido keeps track of your schedule through the day. He reminds you of important meetings, and can also reschedule your calendar easily

7.HOME SECURITY – Aido patrols your home when you are away. Smart intruder alerts, powerful sensors and synchronization with modern security systems let Aido keep your home safe

8.A NEW FAMILY MEMBER – Aido blends into your family and is a helper and a friend when you need one.

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3D View – Aido Robot


  • AN ENTERTAINER – Immerse yourself in your favourite movies and games with the interactive projector and speakers.
  • HOME MAKER – Keep your home secure with Aido’s patrol mode.  And keep your home healthy using his various sensors.
  • TEACHER – Aido’s sound effects, graphics and movements make for an interactive learning experience.
  • HELPER – Ask Aido to fetch the latest recipes, reschedule your meeting, or just dim the lights when you relax.
  • HANDYMAN – Aido can quickly beam helpful videos on a nearby wall to fix that leaking faucet, or any faulty unit.
  • FRIEND – Aido recognizes each member of your household, and adjusts to individual preferences.

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